Monday, March 26, 2012

So ready for spring

Pardon my post. I am still on the process of my new blog. Being confident and just be yourself makes you beautiful in your own way. I do like to dress-up and do feel good about myself. This will be my clothing diary. This year, I have a goal to lose some weight. I started off some Zumba with friends several weeks ago and would like to keep it. I really just need some motivation.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It has been a while in my mind that I would like to create a new blog for me. This is not my first blog though. I have another blog but it is more likely for my family and friends, a blog that I am using it as my personal journal and it is more often than not.

Now that I finally got a chance to sit down and able to create a new one, I would like to do it more often. I am thinking this new blog of mine will be more on about what I love to do the most, things that I do, and just be anything and be you. I would call this as my own world where I can express and share.

I do not even know if there is someone out there will be reading and following my post. But that is alright because I can talk, just write and share the things I do like to do and love the most.

But first, I want to say something a bit of myself.

My name is Aileen and this is my other corner of my world.  I am happily married and raising an 8 years old daughter. I work-at-home and the chief executive of the house (all a mom and wife most do – take care of the house) I would say. I like to pencil portrait sketch but I haven’t done it for a while. I should get back to it to practice more and be quicker to do the sketch but you know, I am full time mom and work at home.

 I just started trying on using the watercolor in which I wasn’t happy about. I just need to read some info about it and eventually will know some technique on how to apply the watercolor.

I learned to crochet more than 2 years ago when I was one of the 12 of the jurors in a case. I asked one of the jurors to teach me how to crochet as I can’t bare the idea of just sitting down on the break room without doing anything aside from reading a book and she always crochet before and in between the case. Grateful that one of the jurors showed me how a needle and a yarn work together. Before our case was almost done, she taught me on how to read a pattern as she told me it is the key on how to make just about anything on crochet. This lady I owed to her as she showed me how to crochet and taught me on how to read a pattern. She is a very nice lady and she is from Germany. She is a nurse and works in University of California Davis Medical Center.  I had learned that all her aunties and grandmas do crochet back on her country home and kind of passed it on upon her.

One of the things I do like too is I like to dress nicely. Not for anybody but for myself. I am medium body built and wear size 8 to 10. Yes, I know, I am big but that is fine and in fact, I am working on it to at least lose some. I started doing Zumba with friends several weeks ago and will plan to continue. Being a medium built body should not be the hinder not to be yourself and present yourself the way you are. Not only because you have a slimmer body that can able to dressed and look nicely. What I am saying is, just be yourself, be confident, as anybody can be beautiful in their own way.

Did I say I am a licensed Civil Engineer? Yes, I am but not working on my field of career this time yet but I do have plans in the future to use it. Less than 9 years ago, my husband and I decided for me to stay at home, raise the baby when we are going to have one.  I don’t regret staying at home with my baby as I am proudly can say I raise her, teach her all the things she needed to know.  This opportunity of raising your own baby is a great experience that no one can take away that from you. You are yet to appreciate and glad that you stay at home by the time she will turn 7 years old as I had felt before.  At this moment, working on Accounting stuff.

This is my own world - Aiz World!